May 18, 2010 10:59 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
Now that I have your attention!!
I would like to discuss DX in general.  With the arrival of windows 7 some parts of DX are really not necessary as a lot of programs that is used often can be pined to the task bar.  So I am wondering what parts of DX are really used by the average user.  Myself and Jim would like to see more skinners making DX themes.  I know a lot of people are saying that DX is broke and to hard to use to make a theme. Well Jim and I both use DX Pro  version 3.5 on windows 7 and for the most part it is pretty stable.  I'm sure standard DX 3.5 will work just a good. At this point V 4 isn't worth installing.
Thanks to wonderful people like sViz and RomanDA there are now quite a few really good scripts to work with.  If any one would like to either get back into DX skinning or would like to start skinning I would be happy to help any way that I can and I'm sure Jim would help out also.
As a user what  objects do you find most usable?
DX Player
Meters and Gauges
Do you like animations in the themes?
We would like to have your thoughts and comments. Please keep on topic and refrain from telling us how bad or borked  or what a piece of crap DX is. WE already Know what does and does not work in DX. 
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Mar 4, 2010 6:14 PM by Discussion: Icons
If you downloaded the Armageddon set of icons could you tell me if all the icons load. I have had a couple of people tell me that all icons don't load.
I am having a problem with icon packer 5  and I have the same problems on 2 different computers.  When making a set of icons if I click on show in groups  or any of the other options I get a different list of icons each time I click on an option.
Example.. I go to groups click on (drive icons) I get folder icons
click on folder icons I get other icons.. click on drive icons again I get drive icons click on desktop icons I get drive icons. The list is always changing. Same thing happens when I choose show in groups the list is always different.
So I don't know if it's the same on every computer or just a few.
Each time I load Armageddon Icons it doesn't always load the same  icons.
Any one else having this problem? if so do you know a fix for it?
My OS is Windows 7.
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Jan 28, 2009 2:33 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
I'm curious does any one really use the Object Media player that skinners supply with their DXthemes. I run Vista and it seems like more and more of the components of the player have stopped working. Along with a few other things that doesn't work such as the system tray. Hopefully stardock will fix the system tray but they haven't really done any thing with the Object Media player and I doubt they will.
So should a skinner take the time and effort to include it in their themes?
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Sep 23, 2007 11:34 PM by Discussion: Windows Vista
Windows Ultimate CON

According to Long Zheng It looks like Microsoft is trying to make Ultimate Extras go away.

Even if the Windows Ultimate team has fled to the International Date Line, summer is officially over. Normally I wouldn’t care what season it is in the northern hemisphere but today it proves this team is incapable delivering anything and should never be trusted again.

Two months ago, after weeks of pressuring for answers, Microsoft’s Windows Ultimate group director Barry Goffe finally spoke out about the ‘missing’ Windows Vista Ultimate Extras. As implied throughout most marketing materials including the official website and even Window Vista’s own control panel, Ultimate Extras were suppose to be frequent and free premium products and services delivered to the customers who "wanted it all". And the truth is, customers are getting near to nothing. Although realistically not everyone’s equally upset at the lack of extras, some argue it wasn’t part of their choice to buy Vista Ultimate, which is fine but that doesn’t help the people who did.

WWW Link

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I sure would like to know what guide lines moderators use to accept DXthemes. When I make a theme I try to upload a working theme. And to me a working theme is one that requires very little modification by the user to have a working desktop. I go to the trouble to name all objects so if the user ever has to find it in the objects list they can find it easily. I list all the most popular programs in the menus. If it's a text list I always put some text on the menu so the user can just clone the text and choose the program .exe and chance the name to the desired program. I include DXplayer, meters. time, weather and calendar. The themes usually received a rating of 2 .5 from the mods. a couple received a rating of 3. Well I accept the rating mainly because there is nothing I can do about it. Here lately it seems skinners are doing less and less all the time and still receiving 2.5 to 3 rating. But today I saw a DXtheme that was approved with a rating of 3 and all the skin had was task bar, system tray, clock and a few lines of text. And most of them didn't even bring up any programs. Oh it also had a couple of blank menus. Even the author of the skin stated it was an unfinished skin and wanted people to tell him if it was worth finishing and even listed 2 know problems with it. And the text is in a different language which is ok except there isn't any tool tips to let you know what will happen when clicking on the object. So you have to click on it to see what it does.... BIG surprise it shuts the computer down.

Are we now able to upload unfinished work and ask the users. Do you like my work, should I finish it..

It is not fair to the customers of Wincustomize to approve unfinished work to be downloaded.

So I ask you JUST WHAT do you use as a guide line when you approve a skin. I really would like to know because I have spent the last 3 years trying to figure it out.
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A short video on the smart and efficient way to install Vista. Works perfect every time...

View video
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Sep 26, 2006 2:37 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
This is a script that I have used on some of my themes It works fairly good but one draw back is that the button to roll or unroll has to be on the roll up object. I would like to have the button located on another object I have tried to modify the script my self with out any luck. I was wonder if any one can help me with this.. Also was wondering if the text can be made to fade in and out as the menu rolls up and down.. I know that this can be done, Question is can it be done in a way that it would be easy for other people to edit it so that they can add or subtract text from it... any help with this would be greatly appreciated

Dim ulRolledUpSize
Dim ulExpandedSize
Dim ulSpeed
Dim Lock

ulRolledUpSize = 42 'This sets the size you want your parent object to rollup to.
ulExpandedSize = 234 'This sets default the size you want your parent object to rolled down
ulSpeed = 30 'This sets the # of frames you want it to take to role up or down

Sub Object_OnScriptEnter
Object.StatePreempt = Object.PersistStorage("State")
End Sub


Sub Object_OnLButtonDown(x,y) 'When this object is clicked.
If Lock Then Exit Sub
If Object.PersistStorage("State") = "Up" Then 'Check to see if we are Rolled Down.
Rollup() 'If it is, Call the Rollup sub.
Else 'If Not
Rolldown() 'Call the Rolldown Sub.
End If

End Sub


Sub Rollup()

Lock = True

'ulExpandedSize = Object.Parent.Object.Height 'Set the current size as the Expanded size
Object.StatePreempt = "Down" 'Change the image state to 'down'
Object.PersistStorage("State") = "Down"

Do While Object.Parent.Object.Height > ulRolledUpSize 'Size the image down, in # of Frames set in ulSpeed
Object.Parent.Object.Height = Object.Parent.Object.Height - ((ulExpandedSize - ulRolledUpSize) / ulSpeed)
Object.Sleep 10 'Pause for a bit between frames.

Object.Parent.Object.Height = ulRolledUpSize 'Make sure the Final size is Correct.

Lock = False
End Sub


Sub Rolldown()
If Lock Then Exit Sub
Lock = True
Object.StatePreempt = "Up" 'Change the image state to 'up'
Object.PersistStorage("State") = "Up"

Do While Object.Parent.Object.Height < ulExpandedSize 'Size the image up, in # of Frames set in ulSpeed

Object.Parent.Object.Height = Object.Parent.Object.Height + ((ulExpandedSize - ulRolledUpSize) / ulSpeed)
Object.Sleep 10 'Pause for a bit between frames.

Object.Parent.Object.Height = ulExpandedSize 'Make sure the Final size is Correct.
Lock = False
End Sub
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Sep 21, 2006 12:47 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
Looking for some one to test drive a DXtheme for me.. I am almost done with the theme but I am having a couple of problems with it..And I don't want to release it until I am sure it is working ok. I'm not sure if it is a bug with DX or something to do with my Computer, So I would like to have some one else see if it does the same thing on their computer.
Problem one ...Volume and Balance sliders won't work on the DXplayer.
Problem two ... I have six buttons that have a script to fade an icon on mouse over. 5 of the 6 scripts work every time but one script will quit working( always on the same object) If I restart desktopx it will work again for a short time..

If you would like to test the theme for me you can email me and I will send it to you...
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Sep 16, 2006 4:06 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
Just wanted to say thanks to one and all for the scripts that you have been posting. It helps out pepole like me that can make graphics and love to do DXThemes, But just can't seem to get a handel on scripting...
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Sep 14, 2006 3:53 PM by Discussion: DesktopX
Looking for a script, That will show an icon on mouse over (A button) and hide the icon on mouse away.. I thought at one time I saw an object that would do this. If any one knows which object it was or knows where to find the script please let me know.. Thanks... I tried using the commands in desktopx to do this and it works fine, Until I tried to hide the object that the button an icon are on, Once you show the object again some of the other objects disappear or are in another location.. If any one knows of a fix I would really appreciate hearing from you...
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